Water Analysis Kit

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Product Category :    Water Testers

Supplier                :    Global Electronics

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Product Profile of Water Analysis Kit

Global electronics is the distributor in india for phoenix electrode company. They supply professional grade instruments & systems like ph analyzers and controllers, conductivity analyzers, relative humidity, differential pressure and biotechnology instrumentation systems. Their field of applications includes research, active pharmaceutical ingredient production, clean rooms, water and waste water treatment.
The water analysis kit dpc 300t is a laboratory instrument which has the following unique features:

  • Portable water testing kit in a moulded briefcase measures ph, conductivity, tds, temperature
  • Ph measurement 0-14ph, 0-100°c with auto temperature compensation
  • Redox measurement ± 1999 mv
  • 200µs to 20 ms range conductivity measurement with auto temperature compensation
  • Tds display mode with user settable conversion constant
  • 50 to +200`c temperature measurement
  • 9 v dc battery / 230v ac operated.
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