Heavy-Duty Refrigerant Charging Hose

Heavy-Duty Refrigerant Charging Hose

Product Category :    Charging Hose

Supplier                :    Airserco Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Profile of Heavy-duty Refrigerant Charging Hose

Airserco`s heavy-duty refrigerant charging hose is available in model no. 9801-b are specially designed for continuous service with any refrigerant. With exceptional burst strength and heavy-duty fittings, these hoses also feature female flare, finger tight fittings on both ends. Stocked in several lengths for the manufacturer or commercial service contractor. Important features are:

  • Premium quality, 600 psi, 3,000 psi burst hose
  • Compatible with all refrigerants
  • Full crimp design exceeds ul standards

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