Mullite Based Kiln Furniture

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Product Category :    Kiln Furniture

Supplier                :    Mahavir Refractories Corporation

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Product Profile of Mullite Based Kiln Furniture

Mahavir Refractories Corporation is the manufacturer of Mullite Based Kiln Furniture. Mahavir Refractories Corporation also manufactures Refractors for Steel Plants, Glass, Cement, Power, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals Non Ferrous and Carbon industries.

The Mullite Based Kiln Furniture has the following Physical Properties:
1.High Thermal Shock Resistance due to low co-efficient to thermal expansion.
2.Suitable for high temperature application 1700oC & faster firing cycle.
3.Excellent resistance to sagging & distortion.
4.Does not discolour the product.
5.Good service performance, trouble free production & excellent life.

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