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Product Category :    Digital Circuits

Supplier                :    Bharat Electronics Limited

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Product Profile of Digital Circuits

Bharat Electronics is the manufacturer of a wide range of Digital Circuits. The Digital Circuits include BMC 154 which is a 28 pin, hermetically sealed package used for address decoding in radar system. The other available Digital Switches include:

  • BMC 157
  • BMC 157 is used for receiver control in radar signal processing.It is housed in a 44 pin hermetically sealed platform type package.
  • BMC 183
  • BMC 183 is thin film hybrid CKT, housed in 44 pin hermetically sealed platform type package. It is used for low level detection.
  • BMC 1206
  • BMC 1206 is a interlock circuit, which interlock the commands k1,k2,k3 and k4.Also it converts the position of a command pulse to an equivalent voltage.
  • BMC 1300
  • BMC 1300 is used in LASER SUB UNIT Of TANK LASER SIGHT. It measures the distance between the tank and the target in terms of hectometers.

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