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Product Category :    Solid State Switches

Supplier                :    Ruby Electronic Enterprises

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Product Profile of Solid State Switches

Ruby electronics enterprises supplies a wide range of thyristorised ac solid state switches of high currents to switch all types of ac loads at its natural power factor. Applications of the solid state switches: these are for application tests and evaluation equipments for switchgear breakers, power factor capacitors, switching, welding machines, etc. Other products offered are solid state relays for fast on/off switching; inductive loads like transformers, motors, for packaging machines, etc. Ssrs up to 2 kc/s load switching frequency and also ssrs with no/nc contacts with npn/pnp controls are also available as per customer requests. Specifications: special ssrs for high voltage capacitor discharge applications are also supplied against requirements. Ssrs for switching infrared heaters for stretch pet blow are readily and regularly available. High current ac switches with thyristors have the switching control pcb mounted of compact size.

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