Battery Maintenance Tool

Battery Maintenance Tool

Product Category :    Battery Machinery

Supplier                :    Mass- Tech Controls Pvt Ltd

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Product Profile of Battery Maintenance Tool

Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited manufactures Battery Maintenance Tool. Mass-Tech Controls Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Batteries form the backbone in the operation of a plant performance and dictate the dependability of DC system.

In plant normally batteries of different types viz Lead Acid, SMF or Ni-Cd and of varying AH capacities are used for the following applications.

  • 110 V/220V: Switchgear Protection Systems
  • 48V: Communication Systems
  • 380V or above: UPS Systems
  • 24V: Instrumentation and Control Systems, Fire Alarm/Security Systems
  • 24/36/48/72V: Battery Operated Vehicles

  • Availability of DC Supply in case of power failure or emergency depends on battery condition/state of charge. A single weak cell in a battery bank can lead to the failure of total systems resulting in major shutdown. Normally, Battery Maintenance Tool is very difficult to determine the health/state of charge of individual cell in a battery bank, and also it is not possible with the existing equipment to charge such cells without disturbing/ disconnecting the system.

    Multi Applications of Battery Maintenance Tool:

  • Battery/Cell Condition Checking
  • On Line Charging of Sick Cell
  • Hot Standby Float Rectifier
  • Battery Re-conditioner for batteries in Storage
  • Universal Charger

  • The Battery Maintenance Tools are Light Weight & Portable - 24V/100A or 48V/50A weighs 5kg only. These are programmable for all types of batteries, different AH capacities & different Voltages and have very simple setting procedure, the total process of charging is Intelligent Microprocessor controlled. Safety standards are ensured like CE marking, Voltage free output clamps and Output short circuit proof.

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