Transistorised Hf Generators

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Product Category :    Transistorised Power Supply

Supplier                :    Induction Equipment (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Profile of Transistorised Hf Generators

Induction equipment india pvt ltd is engaged in manufacturing induction heating equipments. These are manufactured as per international standards. As part of that, the company offers transistorised hf generators. They incorporate mosfet`s / sit`s as power devices for dc to high frequency conversion. These generators are offered from about 1 kw to 50 kw power ratings up to a frequency of approx. 200 khz. Some key features of these transistorised hf generators area as follows:

  • Full output voltage control from about 2 to 100 percent of nominal voltage.
  • Full output power control from almost 0 to 100 percent of nominal power.
  • Automatic mf voltage regulation even with fluctuating mains supply voltage automatic frequency tracking
  • High input power factor of 0.95 even at low loads.
  • Negligible distortion of supply waveform.
  • Elaborate protections against abnormal electrical and physical operating conditions.
  • Electronic control section in form of plug-in modules

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