Landscape Lights With Input Voltage - 80-270V Ac

Landscape Lights With Input Voltage - 80-270V Ac

Product Category :    Landscape Lighting

Supplier                :    Instapower Ltd.

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Product Profile of Landscape Lights With Input Voltage - 80-270v Ac

Instapower, is a maker of energy efficient and green solutions using grid power as well as solar energy. Instapower offers landscape lights used for fountains, water bodies, gardens and walkways. For work or recreation, landscape lights enable people to see essential details, so they can be active at night. Outdoor Landscape lights, which are based on LED technology, are no longer dependent on expensive incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. This technology offers more light at much lesser costs and virtually requires no or minimum maintenance. These have a life of upto 1, 00, 00 hours as compared to a bulb with a life of 1,000 hours. LEDs provide immense cost savings as they consume just 10% of the power of an incandescent bulb. This light consists of 4000-10,000 mcd super bright LEDs. [Available in Red / Green / Blue/ Yellow & White], International standard SMPS power supply, Input voltage - 80-270V AC or 12-24 V AC/ DC Power consumption is less than 7 watt, Voltage across Red / Yellow LEDs under all conditions - 3.5V, Can withstand extreme weather conditions, Sealed water-proof unit conforming to IP-65 standards, Expected life - minimum 100,000 operating hours, Operating temperature range: -10°C to +60°C Short circuit protection and Reverse polarity protection.

The features and advantages of this light are:

  • Fixtures of different sizes and shapes.
  • Generates negligible heat.
  • Offers complete value for money. No replacement required for years.
  • Adds beauty to structure.
  • Lights in original colors are provided.
  • Innovative design to create different themes.
  • Shock & vibration resistant.
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Lesser power consumption and thus saves money on electricity bills.
  • SMPS redundant parallel power supply ensure improved product life.
  • Based on LPM Technology, which ensures that the performance is not affected due to the failure of a single LED and illumination remains constant.
  • These can be optimized for solar based, stand-alone applications.
  • The lights can also be installed in remote areas, which suffer from poor electricity.
  • Instapower employs superior quality LEDs & other components manufactured by world market leaders.
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