Seniour With Pivot Suspension

Seniour With Pivot Suspension

Product Category :    Special Springs

Supplier                :    Everite Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Profile of Seniour with Pivot Suspension

Seniour with Pivot Suspension is available with different options such as Double action as the name suggests it is openable either side that is, 0 -90°. Everite Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures Seniour with Pivot Suspension. Everite Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Also offers Door Closer and Aluminium Anodized Builder`s Hardware. Seniour with Pivot Suspension is a version of access Doors with cards with automatic locks so that the Door automatically closes which left open. The sweep control adjusts and regulates the speed of the door through the main Arch of the closing sweep to suit individual needs. When the door is opened beyond approx. 70 degree an integral delay function slows down the closing action for a period to allow convenient passing through the opening this feature is particularly useful for Hospitals, Retirement Homes and similar situation. It comes under the F-31 Model.

Product Specification of Seniour with Pivot Suspension
  • Model:F - 32, F - 42
  • Load capacity:125
  • Thickness:Max - 6
  • Operation:180°
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