Miniature Switching Relay

Miniature Switching Relay

Product Category :    Switching Relays

Supplier                :    Teknic

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Product Profile of Miniature Switching Relay

Teknic is the manufacturer of Miniature Switching Relay. Teknic is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company. The Miniature Switching Relay has suppressor diode on the coil that protects the power circuit from peak voltages. High shock and vibration resistance is just as important as the IP 66 protect-ion of the contacts. The Miniature Switching Relay is used as an isolator between low-current control circuits and high-current switching circuits.

Specifications of Miniature Switching Relay are:

  • Material: High-quality thermoplastic
  • Mechanical life: greater than 3 x 106 switching cycles
  • Storage temperature: -40 degree C to +70 degree C
  • Weight: 0.120 kg electrical
  • Voltage: 11.2 V to 264 V [see data sheet]
  • Power : 1250 VA [50 W]
  • Electrical life: greater than 1 x 105 Schaltspiele [switching cycles/AC 220 V 5 A ohmic load]
  • Connection: Terminals 2.5 square mm, fine stranded
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