Firm Fitting Tapered Washer

Firm Fitting Tapered Washer

Product Category :    Galvanized Washers

Supplier                :    Springlock Industries

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Product Profile of Firm Fitting Tapered Washer

Springlock Industries offers Firm Fitting Tapered Washer. Springlock Industries is an ISO9001:2000 certified company. It also offers taper washers, bolts, hex bolt, anchor bolt, studs, u-bolts, nuts, rivets, sheet metal components, split cotter pins, retaining rings/circlips, auto pin bobbin rings etc. Firm Fitting Tapered Washer is a type of washer designed to be used underneath nuts with tapered flanges to enable the bolt assembly to fit properly when tightened. Firm Fitting Tapered Washer is made from Mild Steel. It has a Hot-dip galvanized finishing.


Hot-dip galvanized

Raw Material

Mild Steel

Size Range

M-10 to M-24 (I.D.)

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