Adjustable Air Flow Switch

Adjustable Air Flow Switch

Product Category :    Air Flow Switches

Supplier                :    Rapid Controls Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Profile of Adjustable Air Flow Switch

Rapid Controls Pvt. Ltd offers Adjustable Air Flow Switch. Rapid Controls Pvt. Ltd also offers Actuators, valves and Thermostats. Adjustable Air Flow Switch detects air flow or the absence of air flow in ducts, responding only to velocity of air movement. Adjustable Air Flow Switch has a one piece stainless steel paddle, which may be trimmed, if needed. The control is supplied with mounting plate and gasket. The range adjusting screw permits field adjustment of flow rate setting.

Product Specification of Adjustable Air Flow Switch
  • Air Temperature:Max. 180 F (82 C)
  • Air Velocity:Max. 2000 fpm (10 m/ sec)
  • Dimensions:10 3/8" (including paddle) x 4" x 2 3/4 (H x W x D)
  • Electrical Rating:A.C Full Load: 16.0, 8.8, 8.8
    A.C Locked Rotor: 96.0, 52.8, 48.0
    Non inductive or Resistance Load: 22.0
    Pilot Duty: 125 VA. 120/ 277 V.A.C.
  • Motor Rating:120 V, 208 V, 240 V, 277 V
  • Nominal Horsepower:1
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