Eddy Current Tester, Portable

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Product Category :    Eddy Current Testers

Supplier                :    Technofour

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Product Profile of Eddy Current Tester, Portable

Technofour electronics offers eddy current tester. Sd-pc is a laptop-based advanced non-destructive eddy current tester. It is a multi-channel multi-frequency portable tesst solution for a wide range of applications such as: aircraft inspection for cracks and corrosion damage; material sorting; bolt-hole defect detection; heat exchanger examination to asme code; and general static as well as dynamic eddy current tests. Versions offered: sd-pc-11 is a single variable frequency instrument targeted at simple low-cost surface crack detection and material sorting applications. Sd-pc-12 is a dual frequency version with an automatic mixer. It is suitable for advanced inspection needs such as interlayer corrosion detection on aircraft skins, elimination of lift-off effects in surface inspections and for single probe heat exchanger examination. Optional software is available for heat-exchanger signal phase analysis. Salient features: wide frequency range; single or dual frequency options; static and dynamic tests; automatic balance; automatic liftoff; automatic mixer; absolute channel option; load or save parameters; record and playback signals; and a wide variety of probes/coils.

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