Optical Switches With Matrix Capacity Up To 140 Gbps

Optical Switches With Matrix Capacity Up To 140 Gbps

Product Category :    Optical Switches

Supplier                :    Nortel India

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Product Profile of Optical Switches With Matrix Capacity Up To 140 Gbps

Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for our customers. Nortel offers Optical Cross Connect DX provides multi-ring interconnection at all SONET/SDH rates and ring topologies including 2F/4F BLSR/MS-SPring and UPSR/SNCP with the added ability to manage bandwidth [SONET/SDH, Ethernet] between rings at the STS-1/VC-4 level or higher. High-density optical interfaces maximize service capacity per square foot of floor space while minimizing power consumption and operational costs.The optical switch includes Switch matrix capacity up to 140 Gbps, Grooming granularity STS-1/VC4 to STS-192c/VC4-64c, Port capacities: 10 Gbps ports: up to 8, 2.5 Gbps ports: up to 56, Gigabit Ethernet ports: up to 32, 622 Mbps ports: up to 64, 155 Mbps ports: up to 256. The Key Features Optical Cross Connect DX optical switch is:

  • End-to-end and point-and-click connection management through Optical Network Manager
  • Mixed SONET/SDH service support
  • Multiple 2F/4F BLSR/MS-SPring or 1+1 configurations in one bay
  • Subtending UPSR/SNCP
  • Head End Ring Switching [HERS] increases bandwidth efficiency and reduces latency
  • Integrated DWDM optics at 2.5 Gbps / 10 Gbps
  • Seamless integration with Optical Cross Connect HDX/HDXc, Optical Long Haul 1600, Optical Metro 3500, Optical Metro 4000 and Optical Multiservice Edge 6500