Stampcrete -Stamped Concrete System

Stampcrete -Stamped Concrete System

Product Category :    Concrete Stacks

Supplier                :    Colorcrete Systems

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Product Profile of Stampcrete -stamped Concrete System

Colorcrete systems presents stampcrete -stamped concrete system. Stampcrete is a stamped concrete system that duplicates nature`s texture with incredible realism. Stampcrete is available in wide array of patterns duplicating granite, slate, stone and brick with a myriad of standard colour that defy the eye to tell the difference between an stampcrete slate, granite or stone application.
These systems are perfect for roadways, patios, driveways, walkways, foundations, walkways, entryways and pool decks. These gives an affluent look at an affordable price, give freedom of expression, and are available in over 100 standard patterns. It has got low maintenance with ultimate design capabilities.