Hotel Safes

Hotel Safes

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Product Profile of Hotel Safes

Vishal video and appliances offers hotel safes. Today the world is a small place indeed. More and more people are traversing all over the globe than ever before. Be it for business or pleasure these travelers are always in possession of personal valuables. Herein it becomes imperative for hotels and other hospitality institutions to offer them a level of security that was unnecessary earlier. Across the world, in almost all premium hotels. Safewell provides just that service, and now even you can offer your esteemed clientele that same level of uncompromising safety. Just go through our product range and choose the safe and that best suits the needs of your guests.

Special features:
Dual protection through user code and master code
Digital and manual locking procedures
Highly reliable and wear resistant digital keys of american adi standard
Fashionable exterior design
Single-time moulded case and unique spray coating technique to ensure safe is rust free for 12 years.

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