Tower Lights & Rotating Lights

Tower Lights & Rotating Lights

Product Category :    Rotating Lights

Supplier                :    Autonics Automation India Pvt Ltd

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Product Profile of Tower Lights & Rotating Lights

Autonics corporation offers a wide variety of tower lights and rotating lights, manufactured by menics, a sister concern. The mould qualities of these lights are unique and the best available in the market. The signal lights are available with different types like rotating type, flashing type and strobe light type. Rotational rate is 130 or 150/min and flash rate is 80/min. Various colour combinations like red, green, yellow and blue type signal lights are available. The light source are incandescent or xenon bulbs. Both stud mounted and pole mounted versions are available, in lens and plain types. The diameters are 66, 86 and 135 mm in the signal lights, tower version also is available with 1, 2, or 3 stacks and different colours. Audio can be used by itself or with a light. The sound levels are 80 db or 100db. The tower lights are available with from 1 stack to 5 stacks. Red, green, amber, blue and clear colours are there as option, with or without audio. The prism-cut lens makes superior light distribution. The 25, 45, 56 and 86 mm diameters are available in the tower lights. The series mt5c can be programmed for each stack individually for flashing or not flashing using jumpers. Pole, black base are there as an option. Both incadescent bulb type and led types are availablein tower lights. The life of led type is longer. The replacement of bulbs is easy in the incandescent type as autonics also has bulbs in its sales program. These are available with different supply voltage ratings like 12 and 24 v dc, and 110 and 220v ac. These are ideal for large machines, construction sites, parking systems, automotive plants, packaging machines, textile machines, cnc machines, printing machines, etc. These lights are ul/ce approved.