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Supplier                :    Supermac Industries (India) Ltd.

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Product Profile of Capstan

Supermac industries [india] ltd supplies capstan. Supermac industries [india] ltd is an iso: 9001 certified company. The capstan is an alternative of haul off pull the small size wire & cores with efficient & synchronized manner. These are meant for high speed insulation lines & their flexible nature enables customers to use in a wide range of cables. Since both kinds of motors, ac & dc can be fitted in capstan; therefore customer requirement is handled with the most appropriate solution. The modular & space saving designing & construction are added features to its precise & synchronized working with complete lines.

Technical specifications:

  Sdc 400 Sdc 630 Sdc 800 Sdc 1000
Wheel dia 400 630 800 1000
Max. Traction force [kg] 200 500 800 1000
Max. Dia cab [mm] 10 20 30 40
Max. Speed [m/min] 400 250 150 80
Drive[kw] 3.7 3.7 5.6 7.6

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