Diaphragm Compressors For Gas Industry

Diaphragm Compressors For Gas Industry

Product Category :    Diaphragm Compressors

Supplier                :    Indian Compressors Limited

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Product Profile of Diaphragm Compressors For Gas Industry

Indian compressors, iso 9000 certified, has introduced innovative "diaphragm compressors" for the gas industry. These compressors with guaranteed gas purity and zero contamination of gas are also oil free and come in a wide range of capacity and pressures. With a maximum working pressure of 400 bar, icls diaphragm compressors are also extremely low on maintenance, operating cost and energy consumption. Innovative design and international quality parameters additionally make these diaphragm compressors an extremely useful option for industries using industrial gases in india. The usage of icls diaphragm compressors have recently also found expression in a special technology transfer agreement with ut delhi, where-in bio-gas being produced is being compressed into high pressure cylinders to make low-cost energy available for rural households on a massive scale.