Transparent Report Covers

Transparent Report Covers

Product Category :    Transperent Covers

Supplier                :    Penrex Deli Stationery Pvt Ltd

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Product Profile of Transparent Report Covers

Penrex products produces all the stationary items. Penrex products manufactures file management series, pencil sharpener series, stapler and punch series, clips and pin series, desk accessory series, scissors and cutting knife series, colour palate and correction tape series, tape dispenser series, school accessory series, white board series, paper and office products and pen series.

Penrex offers a4 report cover, with measurement 74.5 x 58 x 35.5cm, packing 1/60/360 and pp thickness 0.55mm. This report covers are used to keep important reports. They are available in transparent shades blue, white and black.