Numerical Transformer Differential Relay

Numerical Transformer Differential Relay

Product Category :    Differential or Marginal Relays

Supplier                :    Ashida Electronics Pvt Ltd.

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Product Profile of Numerical Transformer Differential Relay

Ashida electronics pvt. Ltd. Designs, develops & manufactures electrical power protection relays & scada systems. Numerical transformer differential protection relays are based on dsp technology. Various protection functions are incorporated in that such as over current, under current, lbb, trip circuit, etc. These communicable/non-communicable transformer differential relays possess the following unique features:

1. Online display of phase current / differential current.
2. Latching of fault current value.
3. Operation base on fundamental frequency value.
4. Harmonics restrain for transformer charging and ct Saturation condition.
5. Cross harmonics restrain.
6. Programmable starting current.
7. Internal ict ration programmable
8. Programmable dual bias setting
9. Wide setting range 10-50% for bias in steps of 5%
10. Interposing cts are not required

Used in two winding power transformers, auto transformers, & biased differential protection for generators

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