Hydro-Pneumatic Blind Riveters

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Product Category :    Pneumatic Riveters

Supplier                :    Universal Marketing

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Product Profile of Hydro-pneumatic Blind Riveters

Lobster offers hydraulic pneumatic riveters from japan are best quality industrial duty tools for rugged use. They are designed and manufactured to meet the most exacting standards of quality. They have a patented technology of shockless riveting, and all the tools have silencers for noise level reduction. Latest models have built in vacuum system to hold the rivets in position when doing upside down riveting work. They are available from riveting capacity of 2.4 mm steel rivets in straight and pistol grip versions. Tools with separate hydraulic tank are also available. Cordless reiveters and automatic river feeders are also available. These tools are so well made that you can use them for number of years without any problems. Lobster also offers blind rivets in aluminium, steel and stainless steel materials.

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