Eco Friendly Hot Forging Lubricant

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Product Category :    Forging Lubricants

Supplier                :    Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Profile of Eco Friendly Hot Forging Lubricant

Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd, an ISO certified 9001:2000 is the manufacturer and dealer of Eco Friendly Hot Forging Lubricant, model AF-2000. The excellent anti-corrosion property of AF-2000 prevents damage to forging equipment, dies, spray guns and tanks. It can immediately replace graphite as a lubricant. Graphite creates unhealthy and unsafe working atmosphere due to its fine dust floating in the plant which is likely to cause bronchitis and pneumoconiosis to the operators along with contaminating the machinery. It is widely used in forging and extrusion industries related to automotives, pipes and tubes manufacturing, sash extrusion and ferrous and non-ferrous metal flange and fitting forgings. It is used as de-moulding lubricant for hot forging of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum extrusions. The benefits of the Eco Friendly Hot Forging Lubricant are as follows:

  • The optimum temperature of dies under normal hot forging conditions is 280°C ± 20°C. AF-2000 maintains optimum die temperature steadily by its cooling effect.
  • De-moulding properties are excellent. The white coating on the die surface leaves no residue and dissipates completely after forging. Minimizes scratches and abrasions on work pieces and dies.
  • Non-flammable · No gas generation · Non-polluting · Clean and transparent liquid
  • Excellent die moulding properties · Non-toxic and has little or no negative effect on aquatic eco systems when diluted to 20 to 30 times its volume with clean water.
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